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Hackensack Business Contracts Lawyers

New Jersey Contract Lawyers

At Greenberg & Lanz, we know the importance of making sure that your business contracts and agreements are negotiated and drafted correctly to ensure that your interests and rights are protected. We take a strategic approach when it comes to business contracts and agreements. We want to make sure that your present and long-term objectives are taken into consideration while also protecting you from unnecessary lawsuits.

In-Depth Legal Representation

A lot of business owners have a general idea of what a business contract or commercial lease entails. They may have a specific goal in mind and know that they want to protect their rights while attaining that goal. However, the details of a business contract are complex and need to be specific to your business but still flexible enough to meet all of your needs.

At Greenberg & Lanz, we do not believe that assisting clients in drafting contracts means just filling out a form. We want to learn as much as possible about our clients and their business. By learning about who the client is, what their product or service is and the goals of the business, we are able to establish documents tailored to our client's unique needs. We take a comprehensive survey of the entire business, not just regarding one specific part, in order to ensure all relevant facts are included in your decision making.

Our Hackensack business contracts attorneys also guide clients through negotiating specific terms of a contract. We never shy away from the hard issues or disputes because we understand that establishing the correct language and making sure that all parties are on the same page is often the difference between a successful contract, and a contract that could lead to disputes later on. Effective contracts will not only help your business now, but well into the future.

Full Service Representation

By working with our clients to understand their business, goals and problems, we can tailor the best possible solutions for your company. To discover how we can help you, speak with our Hackensack business law, litigation, life planning, estate planning, probate and estate administration lawyers. Call 201-487-7755 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.