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Examples of Our Work for Businesses

Attending clients' directors and management strategic and tactical planning meetings is common practice for our attorneys. We provide ongoing advice and counsel, both legal and business related, to many of our clients. Our experience and performance in these areas has been honed through representation and interaction in a wide variety of businesses, service as Court appointed special fiscal agent and receiver for various businesses and involvement in management of, and turnaround plans for, a number of institutions and agencies.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales of Businesses

  • Our firm represented a client who owned a large insurance agency in its merger with another major insurance agency.
  • In another instance we represented our client in a complicated sale of its insurance agency.
  • In another instance, we represented our client, a wholesale meat distributor, in the complicated sale of his business to his employees; this also involved a complex series of security arrangements to secure payment of the purchase price.
  • We represented our client in the sale of its commercial laundry and rental business to a large, publicly traded, company.
  • We represented our client in the repurchase from a publicly traded company of a large bus company which had previously been sold by our client; this transaction involved numerous additional agreements including mortgages, security agreements and licensing agreements.
  • We have represented clients in the purchase and sale of restaurants.

Oftentimes, our clients include us in the discussion of the business terms of the transaction and we often advise on, and negotiate, those terms as well as the legal terms.

By knowing your business from the inside-out, we are able to help you identify risks and opportunities you may not have even considered. We can then tailor our services to serve your business's needs. We understand that a merger and acquisition must be done with great precision and that a smooth transition can mean the difference between a business's success and failure. Our attorneys devote themselves to the highest standards of representation to determine the best possible solutions for your business's unique needs.

Turnaround Plans and Strategic Plans

On a volunteer basis, Mr. Greenberg has assisted numerous non-profit charitable organizations in the community in developing and implementing turnaround plans and strategic plans.

Greenberg & Lanz also advises its other clients on these matters.

Commercial Leases

We negotiate and prepare commercial leases on behalf of landlords and tenants for various types of space including office, manufacturing and loft space, including entire buildings.

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