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Hackensack Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

New Jersey Business Litigation Lawyers

Untangling a business entity such as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or partnership is just as complicated, if not more so, than ending a marriage. Not only is there a high level of emotion involved, but also financial, tax and accounting considerations. In the beginning, you and your business partners are excited about your new business and often you believe that nothing could ever go wrong. As the business climate changes, grows and peoples' lives change, so do the needs and arrangements of your company.

Just like in a family, there is no one formula that works for every situation. However, there is one thing you can do to minimize your stress and protect your interests: contact Greenberg & Lanz. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping businesses form and taking them apart as the situation demands.

Hackensack Shareholder Dispute Attorneys

When there is a dispute between shareholders, partners, members or managers, litigation may seem like the only way out. By looking at your company's situation from the inside-out, the attorneys at Greenberg & Lanz are able to offer all possible solutions to your problem. We are often able to put forth multiple options to meet your needs. However, if litigation is the only option, our thorough knowledge of your company allows us to strategically negotiate and aggressively litigate to protect your interests.

Representative case: Greenberg & Lanz represented one brother in a dispute with another brother over a trucking business. As there were multiple issues that could not be settled, litigation was the only option. We were able to locate experts and use them effectively to evaluate the real estate and manufacturing aspects of the business. Throughout the litigation, we were able to support our client in such a way as to retain the value of the business to meet his best interests once the litigation was successfully resolved for our client.

Another solution at times could be a buy-out of one partner by another. This would include a valuation of the departing owner's interest, and structuring an agreement that makes the most business and financial sense for your specific company. Another option would be dividing the business assets so each partner walks away with either a free-standing company or line of business.

Full Service Representation

By working with our clients to understand their business, goals and problems, we can tailor solutions that work the best for your company. To discover how we can help you, speak with our Hackensack business law, litigation, life planning, estate planning, probate and estate administration lawyers. Call 201-487-7755 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.