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Examples of Our Work

Serving as Executor for a Client Who Has Died

Mr. Greenberg is presently serving as executor of a large estate, having been so appointed by our client, the decedent. Mr. Greenberg is also serving as Court appointed Guardian of the decedent's surviving spouse who, when she still had mental capacity also appointed Mr. Greenberg as executor of her estate. The situation is a complex one involving assets in more than one state, a large trust for the surviving spouse and millions of dollars.

Advising an Estate Administrator in a Complex Case

In another matter, Greenberg & Lanz is assisting the administrator in determining who among many claimants, including some residing in foreign countries, are the actual heirs of the decedent.

Achieving Clients' Goals in a Cost-Effective Manner

In a particularly interesting matter, a husband and wife retained Greenberg & Lanz for planning purposes. Prior to retaining us, they had preliminary determined to appoint a large financial institution as executor of each of their estates. One of the spouses was particularly concerned that she did not have what she perceived as the necessary expertise to serve as executor and she was concerned that, although there was no then current illness involved, she would one day be the surviving spouse. During a series of consultations, we advised our clients of the benefits of they or their children serving as executors and the availability of investment advisors and other professionals who could be retained to provide any expertise which they felt they were lacking.

Eventually, they decided to eliminate the corporate executor. Upon the death of the first spouse to die, this resulted in a very substantial savings in executor's fees and a smoother administration of the estate. The spouse who thought she would be the survivor passed away first.

Administering an Estate During Litigation

Several adult children were litigating over the large estate of their late father. As a result tax returns and other matters were not being attended to; the Court appointed Mr. Greenberg to step in and act as administrator of the estate while the litigation continued.

Caring for the Forgotten

In another matter, a decedent's body was at the morgue until Mr. Greenberg was instrumental in arranging for its release and a proper funeral. Ultimately, it appeared that no other qualified individual was available to administer the estate and the Court appointed Mr. Greenberg to do so.

Resolving Complex Issues Involving Former Spouses

Prior to the filing of a Complaint for divorce on behalf of our client, the wife, while still in the process of negotiating a property settlement agreement, the husband suffered a physical trauma which left him in a coma. He died several years later without ever regaining consciousness. Due to our expertise in situations involving mentally incapacitated persons, we were able to negotiate the completion of the property settlement agreement with a Court-appointed representative of the husband, devise a trust to care for the needs of the couple's young child and secure the husband's estate to fund the trust, with our client serving as one of the trustees.

In another situation, our client, the former wife, died after the divorce and the former husband took over the parenting of the couple's minor child. Despite the animosity of the former husband to his former wife's family, we were able to resolve litigation which resulted in the former wife's family having the right to resume their relationship with the child and have generous visitation with her.

In another matter, without litigation, we successfully secured visitation rights for our client, a grandmother, with the young children of her recently deceased daughter.

Our client's now-adult daughter, unfortunately suffered disabling injuries at birth. A substantial trust was established to provide for the daughter's needs. Decades later we were retained to work on our client's behalf to resolve numerous issues and to ensure that the trust continues to function properly for the rest of the daughter's life and to ensure continuity of care in the event our client is no longer available to provide the necessary care.

We have also been advising an elderly client to devise a plan for the care of his emotionally disabled adult son after the client passes away.

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