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Facilities/Care Arrangements

Facilities and Care Arrangements

The media does a serious disservice by proclaiming that "home is always best." Our experience clearly tells us that each case, and each individual or family, is unique and must be evaluated as such. Our experience allows us to help an individual and family understand all of their options and then choose the option that is best at the time, continually reevaluating as changes occur.

When home care is appropriate, we are in a position to facilitate that, acting as an advisor or actually establishing and implementing the plan and assembling the care team. When a facility is warranted, temporarily or permanently, we are in a position to assist in ascertaining what level of care is required, assisted living, nursing care, rehabilitation, subacute, etc., and then helping to find the right facility.

Our experience and continuing involvement in this area helps us to understand which facilities, staff and care are of the appropriate level for the situation at hand. Many of our clients have told us that before we were involved they were not aware of the numerous possible scenarios involved, the various levels of care and the differences in facilities.

Efficient, Effective Management of Complex Situations

Due to our experience and knowledge, we have been able to accomplish transfer of individuals from distant states to facilities in New Jersey in a few days where others have advised that it would take weeks. Likewise, we have helped accomplish immediate admissions to facilities when necessary and arrangement and implementation of home care plans sometimes within 24 hours. When a facility has inappropriately attempted to force a patient out prematurely we have been able to resolve those situations as well.

At times the issue has been to secure a person's release from a facility where the facility opposed the release. For example, a number of years ago, we were contacted by a family whose distant cousin was being detained in a state psychiatric hospital. The cousin's parents had passed away, however, they had left a substantial trust for his care. We were able to establish a comprehensive care plan for the cousin involving a private facility, care givers and companions/aides. This enabled us to then negotiate his release from the state facility. Years later, we were again contacted when the cousin's condition had deteriorated further and he was again confined to another state facility.

We were able to establish a new plan that dealt with his changed condition and we again successfully negotiated his release from the state facility.

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