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Guardianship-Related Fiduciary Services

Experienced in Protecting the Vulnerable

Responsibilities short of a full Guardianship can also involve Medical Guardianships, or private appointment as Health Care Representative under a living will (advance directive). In these situations, the attorneys of Greenberg & Lanz are responsible for all medical decisions. In instances of a Medical Guardianship, there is usually an emergent need for immediate medical care and decisions. With regard to private assignments, we may be advised in advance that we will have to step in to make decisions, or again it may be an emergent situation.

We do not "call it in." We go to the hospital, home, etc., and meet with doctors and other care givers; we assess the person's total condition and needs and try to make the best decision for them.

One doctor told us that for over 20 years he had been working with attorneys who were appointed Guardian and that Mr. Greenberg was the first one who came to the hospital; the other attorneys did not come to the hospital when their ward was hospitalized, but rather simply telephoned the doctor and, no matter how serious the situation was, told the doctor to do what he thought best.

Similarly, appointment as a Guardian ad Litem involves appointment for a particular purpose, usually for a short period of time. This can include the task of investigating and advising the Court as to whether the person is, in fact, mentally incapacitated, and it can also include investigation and advice to the Court as to who might be an appropriate Guardian in each instance. Mr. Greenberg has also been appointed by the Court as attorney for alleged mentally incapacitated persons.

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