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Hackensack Commercial Litigation Lawyers

New Jersey Breach of Contract Lawyers

Some business disputes are relatively straightforward and require one or two negotiation sessions to reach an acceptable compromise, other cases, however, can evolve into litigation involving multiple parties and voluminous paper records. At Greenberg & Lanz, our attorneys are equipped to represent commercial plaintiffs or defendants in litigation arising from sophisticated and multi-tiered business transactions.

Representative Past Cases

To illustrate the extent of our firm's experience with complex commercial litigation, the following are a few examples of litigation our successful Hackensack commercial litigation attorneys have been involved in:

  • We represented a client who developed a major software advance with broad potential application. His marketing efforts had been stymied by an erroneous negative review of his product which prevented it from being marketed. We litigated this matter on his behalf and obtained a settlement which resolved the negative review and enabled him to resume his marketing efforts.
  • We represented a foreign client simultaneously in New Jersey state and federal courts in connection with a contract dispute concerning cutting edge medical devices, which was resolved favorably for our client.
  • We have represented banks in enforcing complicated secured transactions involving substantial sums.
  • We represented a client in the music business against claims by an adversary to rights in the client's business and/or songs.

In all of these cases and others, we immerse ourselves in the technical aspects of the business and product involved, find and work with nationally recognized experts in order to devise the best possible solutions for our clients. We make sure we understand every aspect of your business, not just the immediate issue, in order to tailor solutions to your unique situation.

Full Service Representation

For comprehensive commercial litigation representation that can protect your business now and into the future, call Greenberg & Lanz today. To discover how we can help you, speak with our Hackensack business law, litigation, life planning, estate planning, probate and estate administration lawyers. Call us at 201-487-7755 or contact us online to discover how our experience can help you.