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Examples of Our Litigation Work

Complex Commercial Litigation and Other Litigation

Greenberg & Lanz has over 30 years experience in representing clients in complex commercial litigation. Cases include:

  • We represented a client who developed a major software advance with broad potential application. His marketing efforts had been stymied by an erroneous negative review of his product which prevented it from being marketed. We litigated this matter on his behalf and obtained a settlement which resolved the negative review and enabled him to resume his marketing efforts. We immersed ourselves in the technical aspects of software and located and worked closely with a nationally recognized expert.
  • We represented a foreign client simultaneously in New Jersey State and Federal Courts in connection with a contract dispute concerning certain cutting edge medical devises and resolved the matters favorably to our client.
  • We have represented banks in enforcing in Court complicated secured transactions involving substantial sums.
  • We successfully defended a bank in complicated lender liability litigation against the bank.
  • We represented a client in the music business against claims by an adversary to rights in the client's business and/or songs and obtained a favorable resolution for our client.
  • We have represented clients in disputes concerning large construction projects. We concluded the matters favorably for our clients. In one case our client was a major subcontractor on a large sewage plant construction project who contracted to dispose of environmentally sensitive materials.
  • We successfully represented a citizens group and individuals in opposing a large proposed retail development in a local downtown area. We filed a Complaint in New Jersey State Court seeking to overturn the approval of the development and a use variance granted by the local Zoning Board of Adjustment. This litigation was hotly contested. The Law Division Judge ruled in our clients' favor reversing the approvals and variance. The Appellate Division affirmed the Law Division decision and certification was denied by the New Jersey Supreme Court. This case is reported at Care of Tenafly, Inc. v. Tenafly Zoning Board of Adjustment, 307 N.J. Super. 362 (App. Div. 1998) certif. den., 154 N.J. 609 (1998). Our adversaries did not give up. They sought relief under "Mount Laurel" affordable housing principles and filed a new case in New Jersey State Court. We tried this case to a verdict along with several other parties. The verdict was in favor of our client and against development. Eventually, the matter was settled and the development opposed by our clients was not built.
  • We have foreclosed mortgages on behalf of banks and private clients and we have foreclosed tax sale certificates.

Business Disputes

This type of litigation is an important focus of the firm and Greenberg & Lanz has decades of experience including the successful resolution of the following in favor of clients:

  • We have represented one brother in a dispute with another brother over a trucking business.
  • We have represented one brother in a dispute with another brother over an equipment rental business.
  • We have represented one partner in two (2) limited liability companies against the other partner in disputes over bar/lounge and real estate businesses.
  • We tried a case to a verdict in favor of our client finding that a neighboring party did not have an easement over our client's property.
  • We have handled real property line boundary disputes.
  • We have tried contested mortgage foreclosure cases.
  • We have represented various clients in complicated disputes over various aspects of commercial leases.
  • We have represented clients in Chancery Division matters, including injunctions and restrictive covenants.
  • We have represented clients in litigation concerning sales or purchases of businesses including representation of professionals concerning sales of their practices.
  • We have tried cases in which our broker clients claimed real estate commissions.
  • We have resolved septic system litigation where our clients use of their real property was threatened.
  • We have represented clients in litigation in many other industries including commercial laundries, process equipment manufacture, home improvements, insurance, accountants, commercial and residential landlords, wholesale meat business, HVAC, custom engineered heavy equipment, high voltage equipment, financial advisors, restaurants, plumbing supply, newspaper, equipment manufacturers, real estate developers and managers, retailers, service industries, financial institutions, secured lenders, consumer product manufacturers and distributors and food industry.


We have represented major bus companies in litigation before the New Jersey Department of Transportation and Federal regulatory agencies in obtaining various authorities to operate valuable bus routes. A number of those hearings were tried to a verdict before the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law. We have litigated injunction issues on behalf of these clients in State Court. We have also represented these clients in contract disputes and other matters.

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