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Hackensack Guardianship Litigation Lawyers

New Jersey Guardian Dispute Lawyers

From time to time, all of us are approached by or for someone who, due to illness, disability or the infirmities of old age, are no longer able to keep up or to handle their affairs. They may be doing poorly in their home. Their family members may be at a loss, frustrated and not know where to turn given the myriad of problems and issues confronting them. Sometimes there are family disputes and even litigation in the family that requires an individual to be protected.

This is a moment in a family's life when an experienced guardian attorney can be the most help. At Greenberg & Lanz, you can be assured that we are honest, sympathetic, caring and effective when it comes to guardianship litigation. Call 201-487-7755 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation today.

Hackensack Guardianship Litigation Attorneys

Any time that a guardianship action is initiated, some type of controversy is likely to exist related to whether or not the incapacitated person is sufficiently unable to care for themselves that they need a guardian. Additionally, there could be allegations of abuse or who should be the guardian to the exclusion of someone else. In either of these cases, litigation generally arises when the family does not agree as to the best course of action for the incapacitated person.

The attorneys at Greenberg & Lanz often prepare and file complaints in Court on behalf of a family member seeking declarations of mental incapacity and appointment of guardians. While these applications are typically uncontested as to the issue of mental incapacity, when they are contested, we are in a position to litigate that issue to its conclusion.

Experience That Counts

Attorney Steven Morey Greenberg has more than 30 years experience in obtaining positive results in this area. He has also been appointed by the Superior Court, Chancery Division in New Jersey to various positions including guardian or attorney for frail or infirm elderly persons and adults with various disabilities.

The experience, combined with the skills, of all the attorneys at Greenberg & Lanz is invaluable when you or a family member is involved in guardianship or probate litigation. Clients are best-served by working with an attorney who has strong competence in these areas.

Free Initial Consultation

If you know of anyone who seems to be having difficulty, we would be available to meet with them in our office or at their home to discuss their needs and options. To discover how we can help you, speak with our Hackensack business law, litigation, life planning, estate planning, probate and estate administration lawyers. Call us at 201-487-7755 or contact us online today.